Dancin (Murder Remix)

Updated Dancin Cover

You can end your asinine debates about which corporate, mass-produced Carlye Rae Jepsen bullshit is the “song of the summer.” This is the song of the summer every summer from here on out.

– Byron Crawford

What he said …


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Statik and his team have always been very kind to me and been people that

honor their word, something very rare in this business ….

Better Luck Tomorrow (Streaming Edition)


1. Bad Decisions
2. Dancin (On a Pole)
3. Winter Is Mine
4. The Spectacular Now
5. Bad Decisions Remix Feat Urban Miracle & Carlos Ferragamo



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Dancin (On A Pole) – Jimmy ValenTime

single cover

We gonna Skate to one song and one only

Dancin (Spotify)

Dancin (Itunes)

The album be out next few weeks …



XXL Freshmen Tryouts Vol. 3 (2015)


More Freshmen Bitch ….

XXL Freshmen Tryouts 3 (Live Mixtapes)



Track-list  + Press Release Below …

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House of Cards – Jimmy ValenTime


Here we are again …

final single off the mix-tape, more info below. ..

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Voiceless Radio Interview (Youtube & SoundCloud)

Voiceless radio logo


Press Release and Sound-cloud Below

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