Some Info from Drake #CRWN event W/ Elliot Willson


  • Drake and Ghostface had a conversation about the fake Ghostface Twitter account.  Ghost disavowed it and said he fukks wit Drake music.
  • The Wu tang clan will do a remix of “Wu-Tang Forever” that is coming soon.
  • Drake Flew Cappadonna out to Toronto to do his ad-lib on “Tuscan Leather.”
  • “Tuscan Leather” was Drake going to 40 and saying lets try to make a Diplomat/Heatmakers Record. :ohhh:
  • He said Kendrick wont be his peer till he puts out more albums and that in a sarcastic way, said while “Control”  a fun song, no one going to remember it next year and tried to get the crowd to tell him the beginning of Kendrick verse
  • He said that he talk to Kendrick at the VMA’s and he was still being Kendrick , but he expected him to be more aggressive and said he expected him to be a little extra, since he put the verse out the week before.
  • he did acknowledge GKMC  was a great album and Kendrick as a emcee. But he said people want it to be a competition because Kendrick the new thing the public is in love with and he does the same thing too sometimes with music.
  • 40 said he never leaving drake to go produce for anyone else and basically said he gets to work with his fav rapper everyday and doesn’t want to go any where
  • he said “Worst Behavior” is him acknowledging that people hate him for being in the top spot, since hes not a traditional Alpha Male rapper and that if he was struggling, he would hate a guy like Drake too
  • He said his mom yelled at him over ” Too Much ” and that was the first time she ever been mad at him over a song .. and he said his mom is 66 and he wants her to start living more and travel and doing things and it hurts him she never comes to the Drake events.
  • Drake said he spends a lot of time on rap sites and most of the time he finds the memes funny .. Except one time some guy was making fun of his mom and said something along the lines I hope she dies … he was furious and he said it was some 13 year old dikk head who jerks off to Tyler the creator
  • This kid look like J. Cole from the line and Drake stop talking at one point and went “hey Cole, are you messing with me or something?”
  • He got a 24 bar verse on  Justin Timberlake album :banderas: and he rap a whole section of a lil boosie record

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The Lost Angels – How Many Drinks


Together, We Stand Alone (Album Cover)

Together We Stand Alone - Album Cover

Art work by the amazing  Casso Dinero

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Check out an alternative album cover, we did not use and his official tumblr after the Jump …

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The Lost Angels -The Spirit Of 93


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Angels Assemble : Introducing The Lost Angels …

I have been recording a new project called “The Wrath of God LP” The Wrath of God is a group album with my crew The Lost Angels, The Lost Angels were featured on the The Track “The Town”

I felt inspired to let everybody hear the individuals who worked on the project…

Urban Miracle

Urban Miracle is the host of his own online Radio Show, “On Blast Radio” and an accomplished producer.  He produced one track feature on the album called, “Out of It.”  You can check out his first full length project, a beat tape called “Beats Saved My Life”

Varyus Waise

Varyus Waise is the Mariano Rivera of The Lost Angels closing out Three Tracks on The Wrath of God LP. His most recent release is a tribute to Travyon Martin entitled “Hoodied Up” (Trayvon Martin, We Love You) I did some arranging on this track…. I don’t know which project this song is going to be on, but he dropping an EP this fall Called “Pea Coat Season.”

Carlos Ferragamo

Carlos has some of my favorite verse on the project , he sent me a lot of verses for the project , some which  may come out at a later date. Carlos has a solo track on the album called “We Came a Long Way, ” one of the few solo songs on the album.

Carlos Latest Project can be found here …

Rise Up Radio – December 2012 : End of The Year Show



Rise Up Radio end of the year show, we talked about news stories of the year and play some music from myself, Varyus Waise, and The Red Hots…



Life in Amazin Times: One Year Anniversary Letter


Hello Everyone,

I first want to say thank you to every person who worked on a song, inspired a lyric, download the album, streamed one of the singles, or watched one of the videos. While the album was not the life altering moment I was hoping for I am grateful to everyone who took part in it. I hope you enjoyed listening to “Life in Amazin Times” as much as I enjoyed making it.

I evolved a lot as a song writer and as a performer in the course of recording this album. One important lesson I learned is people focus more on the chorus and beat then the lyrics. Take a song like “I’m Awesome” as an example a lot of people have told me they love that song. But the lyrics in the second verse are from an unrelated song and make no sense. While it’s not a song I like myself, I am glad it makes others happy.

One thing I was surprised when playing the album back was the overall optimism of “Life in Amazin Times.”  I found myself in a good space in the winter and spring of last year and was able to write some of the most commercially appealing stuff of my career. I made songs that connected to others, people I would not have meet otherwise and for that am grateful.

The final thing I learned from making my album,  was one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to go through.  If you go through a lot of hardship in your life, you think if you get to a certain goal or meet a certain person then everything else will be okay.  Like once you get over the hurdle of that goal or dream your troubles will disappear on the other side. When thinking about this objectively, you know deep down inside that is not really realistic. It is still a mindset I have found in a lot of people I am close to and within myself. For me recording this album was that one goal in my life. I learned that no one person or thing is going to solve all my problems or make my life perfect.

The goal of making life a better experience is in the small moments you have control over and who you decide to give your energy. Not so much in the big events, though they play a part too.

I have also decided that not writing and recording music is not an option for me. The thing that drew me to making music in the first place is it was something I don’t need other people to do. I really enjoy having something that I do that is just for my own happiness. I really enjoy the creative freedom rap music has and while I am not going to attempt something as ambitious as “Life In Amazin Times.” I hope by the end of spring to have something worth sharing with my friends, fans, and detractors.

Your Biggest Fan,

Jimmy ValenTime

P.S.  Feel free to download or stream the album below, if you never have

Band Camp -

YouTube Playlist -