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All You Can Eat – Internets Celebrities (Cameo)

As you can see that’s my face in the freeze frame …

I was out at this shoot to support Dallas And Rafi as they entered a eating contest, I have been friends with them for the last two years.

They do the best mix of entrainment and educational videos on the net …  As the RZA once said “ All the Summer School you  need, Shorty. “

NinjaSonik Moshpit (Cameo)

You can see me twice before the first verse … wearing the SPIN – Kurt Corbain Shirt at the 40 Second mark

Shout out to NINJASONIK  and Dirty Souf Yankee  –


Phonte + 9th Wonder – Interviewed By Jimmy Valentime

      I was at Noise Makers Earlier this Month Got to ask Phonte And 9th Wonder a question from the audience

9th Wonder And Phonte Interview Question

Phonte is doing a solo Album (Finally!)  and is suppose to be on Drake’s new album on a song with J.Cole…

I met Phonte back during the Get Back era,  got to tag along to a listening session with SkyZoo back in 2007.

Something Like A Blogger

I am Guest Blogging At The House That Bol Bulit

Leaving The Matrix….

I am not going to be updating the site for a few Months….  probably be back in the spring time… Life just got really crazy …

Good Night and Good Luck ..

If you need to reach me leave a comment or go to    and send a message,,,

Eminem as The JOKER …

Eminem as The Joker > Eminem as the punisher

Fun Fact :

Em Middle name is Bruce …


Internet Celebrities in Real Life



  Me and Dallas Penn At  the  latest shoot for the Internet Celebrities Series  

 And this was from a Black Berry BTW ….