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All You Can Eat – Internets Celebrities (Cameo)

As you can see that’s my face in the freeze frame …

I was out at this shoot to support Dallas And Rafi as they entered a eating contest, I have been friends with them for the last two years.

They do the best mix of entrainment and educational videos on the net …  As the RZA once said “ All the Summer School you  need, Shorty. “

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NinjaSonik Moshpit (Cameo)

You can see me twice before the first verse … wearing the SPIN – Kurt Corbain Shirt at the 40 Second mark

Shout out to NINJASONIK  and Dirty Souf Yankee  -


Phonte + 9th Wonder – Interviewed By Jimmy Valentime

      I was at Noise Makers Earlier this Month Got to ask Phonte And 9th Wonder a question from the audience

9th Wonder And Phonte Interview Question

Phonte is doing a solo Album (Finally!)  and is suppose to be on Drake’s new album on a song with J.Cole…

I met Phonte back during the Get Back era,  got to tag along to a listening session with SkyZoo back in 2007.

Something Like A Blogger

I am Guest Blogging At The House That Bol Bulit

Leaving The Matrix….

I am not going to be updating the site for a few Months….  probably be back in the spring time… Life just got really crazy …

Good Night and Good Luck ..

If you need to reach me leave a comment or go to    and send a message,,,

Eminem as The JOKER …

Eminem as The Joker > Eminem as the punisher

Fun Fact :

Em Middle name is Bruce …


Internet Celebrities in Real Life



  Me and Dallas Penn At  the  latest shoot for the Internet Celebrities Series  

 And this was from a Black Berry BTW ….

I am on Byron!!!!

The Howard  Stern of Hip-hop did a post about me …

Here is what he said ….

Finally, a rapper thought to sample Eli Porter.

Granted, Jimmy Valentime [sic] is not a rapper anyone ever heard of, and I’m not sure whether or not it’s intentional that his flow kinda sounds like Wesley Willis, but whatever. It’s just this kind of ingenuity that could take him places, on the Internets. He could be the next Joe Budden.

Checkit: Jimmy Valentime “I’m the Best” [zSHARE]

Link to the  Story …


R.I.P Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mack…

I sampled a lot of Hayes music and loved mac since the Players Club ….God Bless the both of them 

Two people die, a day apart who worked on the same movie together …….


Cues X-file theme ….

Its Incredible!

(Jimmy Valentime is kid tested and super hero approved)

Mickey Factz gave me this beat and here what I did with it …

Incredible Freestyle

You can catch Mickey Factz on myspace

New Post Monday ….

Think B.I.G

Jimmy Valentime And Gravy on The Set of Notorious

I hope it comes out hot…Gravy was a cool dude ..I hope This does well for Him ….

Here are two joints you might not know…..

Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes -Modern Day Gangstas Produced By J.Dilla

My Fav Gravy Song

Gravy – About Me Feat. Akon

Sickamore Exits The Major Label system ….

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Sickamore has decide to resign from Atlantic…..

I know that his ear and ability to be honest and communicate with artist will help him succeed in where ever he focus himself …..

My only hope is that he comes back to the mixtape market…..


You Can read his explanation here….

True New York Story + News ….

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So me and my friend were at a restaurant today and I saw this guy who was purple literally …. like in the Willy Wonka movie…..

I am going to preference this with

I think it important to treat everybody with respect… especially people who have a disability.

But I goggled this and the guy did this to himself by drinking some concoction …



Santa Clause + The Hulk = Purple Man

Also I was given a shout out and mention as one of the most read blogs online by a site called

Hip Hop Crunch ……..

Big up to them……