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Uptown Blues Feat Green Lantern (Zshared)

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Myspace InVasion Pt.4

Feat a new Song Called Uptown Blues ….

Its Incredible-The Mixtape


Its Incredible-The Mixtape


Feat Mickey, Corey, Donny, Jimmy, Skyzoo, Ac, Esso,  Etc …


I forward my DJ the emails I got with all the incredible freestyle ….he made this over the weekend and I decide to share ….


About my own verse, This is not the kind of beat I would rap on  ……So I use a bit of a weird delivery …  but I lyrically did my thing …


New Post Next Thrusday …

Its Incredible!

(Jimmy Valentime is kid tested and super hero approved)

Mickey Factz gave me this beat and here what I did with it …

Incredible Freestyle

You can catch Mickey Factz on myspace

New Post Monday ….

Presidential Hustling

Presidential Hustling

     I did not make this … My Dj  (who  did not make this either) was playing this in his car and I liked it and decide to throw it up …


New Post on The 4th of July …..

The Story Corps Interview

          Story Corps is a company dedicated to capturing the lives of Americans. A friend from when I was in school, asked me to take part in the project. We decide to talk about my music career so far.  



This is me talking about The Lost Angel Family Mixtape :



You can download the entire interview as an album here……


You can also donate to me at  Send donations to …….



I had a cold so my voice sounds a little higher then normal…

Think B.I.G

Jimmy Valentime And Gravy on The Set of Notorious

I hope it comes out hot…Gravy was a cool dude ..I hope This does well for Him ….

Here are two joints you might not know…..

Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes -Modern Day Gangstas Produced By J.Dilla

My Fav Gravy Song

Gravy – About Me Feat. Akon

The Invasion of MySpace

Download Link


 I did not post this last night because
1) Aprail Fool’s

2) because Eskay put the tape up….


 Bravo to Green Lantern and To all the other Emcees on the mixtape….


No Sleep Till Brooklyn ….Festival

No Sleep Till Brooklyn ….Festival

I am trying to get myself on the bill of The Brooklyn Hip-Hip Festival and need your help.


The Brooklyn Festival is the premier under ground Rap Event in New York …They have had artist Such as Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah, and Lupe Faisco perform for free in Brooklyn….

So I am asking everybody who enjoys my blog and my music to send email too

With The Subject Line

Jimmy Valentime Opening Act….

An Just Write a brief paragraph saying why you thinking Jimmy Valentime Should get to perform at the festival….

As a Thank You I am going to be including people who send an email …. in a shout out at the end of my next mix tape….  

 Even If you can not come to the event …..write a leter to show your support…

The website that sponsor the event,,.,


Sickamore Exits The Major Label system ….

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Sickamore has decide to resign from Atlantic…..

I know that his ear and ability to be honest and communicate with artist will help him succeed in where ever he focus himself …..

My only hope is that he comes back to the mixtape market…..


You Can read his explanation here….

The Gift ……

I am trying to raise some money to help do my next session ……..

If you have love  for my writing or my music you can email some dollars to paypall at

I will be emialing mixes and giving an exntensive shout out on  the outro to my  next cd as gift for your support…

True New York Story + News ….

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So me and my friend were at a restaurant today and I saw this guy who was purple literally …. like in the Willy Wonka movie…..

I am going to preference this with

I think it important to treat everybody with respect… especially people who have a disability.

But I goggled this and the guy did this to himself by drinking some concoction …



Santa Clause + The Hulk = Purple Man

Also I was given a shout out and mention as one of the most read blogs online by a site called

Hip Hop Crunch ……..

Big up to them……

I Join Another Social Networking Site …

Facebook use to be the shit because it was exclusive for college students…

It has turned in to myspace junior.

But a girl invited me to join as an artist and I am down to promote …

I will be adding everyone and anyone who wants me as a friend…

Which I do not do on myspace…

I am have my Greatest Hits on The Player….

I’ll do more to it… more people add me…

DJ Ready Cee is Down with us ….


Cause we Number One !!!!!

my jam comes on around 20 min mark .,

What I Learned in 2007

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(Thinking about the year that past)

What I Learned in 2007

1) The Blog in 2007 = The Mixtape in 2002…..

This is one of those times where I have been ahead of the curve. I went to because they stole something of mines, but I then began working with them which worked in my favor in terms of getting my name out.

Kanye West created a blog this summer which motivated other people to create their own blogs. The bad thing is in a few months there will be too many people trying to use blogs to get their name out. It is great as free advertising, something like 50 people find me every day on my blog, since it has been open in July. 8,000 + people have seen my site, including Elliot Willson of

(When will You bring me on to xxlmag,com …. Elliot?)

2) Attack from all the angles

I admire DJ’s and respect them a lot. When I was younger DJ’s told you who was hot and while they are very important, people have many ways to hear music.

You cannot focus all of your energy on just the dj’s. It is important to use every avenue available to be heard. I have tried to be seamless and not get pinned down.

I am not:

A Mixtape rapper,
A DVD rapper,
A Myspace rapper,
A Youtube rapper,

I am a rapper who done all of these things and in the next year plan to do much more.


Real Talk NY DVD.
Dj Enyce Mixtape Street Certified 3.
Jeniese Magazine Profile.
Lost Angel Family Volume One mixtape On Dat
Photograph by Getty Images
On Power 105 Website.
Smoking Section Columnist.
Autographing a Cd for Krs-one.


Get Something Like a rapper mixtape out.
Get an Independent Album out.


This a blog that is Featured on AMG’s Myspace page….

Blog written by Jimmy Valentine. Inspired by Sickamore. Brought to you by the Rookie A&R Of The Year.