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Hope – Jimmy ValenTime


“We have to be Greater then what we SUFFER…”

This song is about being the best person you can be, even when the world tries to drag you into darkness…

Stop Being Stupid Vol. 81



About the Tape :

NY rep Jimmy ValenTime returns to host the 81st installment in DJ of the Year nominee Thomas Handsome’s “Stop Being Stupid” franchise. One of the original hosts of the series, Jimmy ValenTime drops off new material in advance of his upcoming solo mixtape and album. Paired with material from Warren G, Slaughterhouse, Masta Ace and others,

The Sound-cloud playlist will only be available till  January 15.  More info below .

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Nicki Manji CRWN : A Break Down …

Nicki CRWN Event

I’m gather all my thoughts here

So the Nicki Minaj event was pretty cool, the fans that were there for her were super turnt up and at first she couldn’t say anything without them cat calling, but once they got down to business it was a pretty good interview. …she’s pretty candid about the ups and downs with Lil’ Wayne and Safari… I used to see her at the studio I would use in 2007 and she’d always be by herself working on stuff, and that drive she had back then it seems like sometimes, she paying a terrible price for it…

Nicki’s a good person and people always try to rip in to her cause she cocky … but that’s hip-hop you’re supposed to believe in yourself…

The big thing that people reacted to was her bringing up Kendrick Lamar and quick mention of “Control.” I was there it was more friendly fire thing then a diss … it started because Elliot said he didn’t fuck with her till “Monster” cause of the voices and she was irked by that she said cause … People in this industry are dick riders and once jay co-signed her… people recognized she was nice

Elliot countered this by saying cause she out rapped  Jay and Kanye on a record and people saw she had skills … but Nicki answered she wouldn’t have had a chance to be on “Monster” if she wasn’t nice and Kanye did the track as a duet with just them first and he even thought about scrapping it at one point and added Jay-Z later … She liked that Kanye made her do a different verse then the first one … the one we heard is not the OG she did … she re-did it for him cause he thought she could go harder….

She felt Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug and Rae Sremmurd do things that she inspired and she even said it might not be all her … Them doing the weird voices and effects to their verses and people respect them cause they are men. She did say Young Thug and Rae Sremmurd inspire her music- they the only new rapper she likes and said they (Young Thug and Rae Sremmurd) all have bars, but people don’t see it cause of the catchiness…

She said she likes “Fun” songs… but she’s drawn to intelligence first and she was a fan of Jay-Z cause she could see how smart he was in his songs…

She mentioned people focus too much on sales and that Broken Silence by Foxy Brown was one of her favorite albums and back then people had a purer connection to the music before social media …

She was really honest and talked about everything… Safari… her ex-manger Debbie… problems with Wayne during the “We Are Young Money” era… they want her to fly out places and do things and not pay her and if she had the opportunity to go book a local show … she skip out .. They took her off the album at one point and removed her from “Bed Rock” and kicked her out the group…

She said she apologized to Wayne in an email and she had thought about deflecting to Warner Brothers at one point. But Irv Gotti said she would be a bigger star with the biggest rapper…

Also she was very much herself, she was talking about how she really felt. How being famous has fucked up her relationship with her family. (Not going to her brother ‘s graduation.. not letting her mom have social media cause she’s worried about people disrespecting her and they killed her lil ‘ cousin on some fuckery and him not getting out dodge through her …that he thought of protecting her from thirsty family members and he didn’t let her look out for him.)

her talking about the whole famous part …the things she described seemed a lot more painful and real… then most celebrity bitching about the demands of the game…

Her fans were terrible, kept trying to answer the questions for her…. not letting her talk at first. The only cool part was if she started a rap they would literally finish it …  They knew even like old songs from 07 …-I said this tweet below about her online afterwards. I had wanted to say it to her face during the Q and A they usually do at these events, but they ran out of time …


“On Your OWN” – Single + Press Release

On Your Own Single Cover

There a press Release and a Facebook banner for those interested after the jump….

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The Lost Angels – How Many Drinks


Angels Assemble : Introducing The Lost Angels …

I have been recording a new project called “The Wrath of God LP” The Wrath of God is a group album with my crew The Lost Angels, The Lost Angels were featured on the The Track “The Town”

I felt inspired to let everybody hear the individuals who worked on the project…

Urban Miracle

Urban Miracle is the host of his own online Radio Show, “On Blast Radio” and an accomplished producer.  He produced one track feature on the album called, “Out of It.”  You can check out his first full length project, a beat tape called “Beats Saved My Life”

Varyus Waise

Varyus Waise is the Mariano Rivera of The Lost Angels closing out Three Tracks on The Wrath of God LP. His most recent release is a tribute to Travyon Martin entitled “Hoodied Up” (Trayvon Martin, We Love You) I did some arranging on this track…. I don’t know which project this song is going to be on, but he dropping an EP this fall Called “Pea Coat Season.”

Carlos Ferragamo

Carlos has some of my favorite verse on the project , he sent me a lot of verses for the project , some which  may come out at a later date. Carlos has a solo track on the album called “We Came a Long Way, ” one of the few solo songs on the album.

Carlos Latest Project can be found here …

Life In Amazin Times – Jimmy ValenTime

Life In Amazin Times – Jimmy ValenTime

Track List

  1. Your Amazing (Prod. By Terrace Martin)
  2. The Come Up Pt 2 Feat Donny Goines   (Prod. By Oddisee)
  3. Hey Young Blood (Prod. By Jimmy ValenTime)
  4. Understand (Prod. By Statik Selektah)
  5. The Town Feat The Lost Angels (Prod. By Seige Monstracity)
  6. The DOOM  Interlude (Prod. By MF Doom)
  7. Time (Prod. By J.Dilla)
  8. I’m Awesome (Prod. By Willie Green)
  9. MC SERCH  (Prod. By Newo The Kid)
  10. Far Away Feat Ronnie James (Prod. By  Beats Of  Reen)
  11. Take It In Blood (Prod. By Jay Quest)
  12. If You Want Too   (Prod. By J.Dilla)
  13.  The Come Up Pt. 1 Feat Lyrical Blades (Prod. By Oddisee)
  14. All I Need (Prod. By Jordan Davis)




Dat Piff

 I spent the last 18 months of my life working on this …