This is audio from a  freestyle session I did when I was hanging out  with Donny Goines

Donny is good peoples and a great rapper ..

You can help him win an award by voting for him on this site…


An check him out at his myspace …


Next Post In August …..

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2 responses to “LIVE!

  1. ILL BLOG (Great Post on Donny too)! I’m TC Nash and I manage a brand new hip-hop group named “VAMOOSE” and according to the PACE PRESS “For those tired of waiting years for Outkast’s Andre and Big Boi to go half on a record, consider Vamoose your new favorite substitute”! We just finished shooting the video for our song “Step Out” and it would be a great video for you to post on your site.

    Check it out below.




    TC Nash
    Manager, Vamoose

  2. Yo check this new joint. Not on the free album “Sweet Lord”. But a hot track with Mr Murs, The Homie From L.A. ! Underground Finest ! Enjoy it too so. Good download but support his next album “Murs For President” when it will be in stores (soon).
    Murs – To protect and to entertain


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