Charlie Uptown Interview


Charlie Uptown and Jimmy ValenTime discuss Take it in Blood, the open mic scene, and Dominican culture…

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Jimmy ValenTime – “The Following”


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#HeroesReborn – The Grand Exhibit – Jimmy ValenTime

I found a throw back from the MySpace era, that was edited to the show Heroes.

Nas Tribute on

I contemplated dropping out of college and joining the military. I was no longer the smartest kid in the room or the one the teachers took instant interest in. There was girl I had meet a few months before the semester started, that coincidentally was also going to the same college. On my tribute to Nas, “Take It in Blood” I said one of my best days was 9/11, it was because I was with her. She was the reason I stayed in school that first semester, those four months even with all the uncertainty at school and within the city itself were some of the happiest times of my life.

Stillmatic drop at the end of that semester, the album really blew my mind the thing about listen to an album that has an impact on you, is you can recall that exact moment and place you were when you heard it. I remember I had gone to the movies that day and on the ride back on the bus, I started listening to the album. I can’t tell you what movie it was, but I remember how the album made me feel. I felt like I had found my artist, someone who captured how I felt inside and shared my views on life. Nas was someone like myself, who grew up poor, but was intelligent and perceptive. I spent a lot of my adolescences trying not to get engulfed in my family street bullshit. I grew up in The Bronx, but I didn’t want to be of The Bronx.

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the9elements Presents: Memory Lane, “I See The World Collapsing”

Bottoms Up Social OPEN MIC (second edition)

This was from a show case at March,

Footage Start 6:38

Jimmy ValenTime – Bad Decisions (Remastered) Music Video

Jimmy ValenTime did a remix of “Bad Decisions” for the album with the help of Otis Clapp & Willie Green.

Jimmy ValenTime – Live From New York (Drake Diss)


I use to respect Drake a lot as a Emcee, but I don’t anymore. here what I had to say about the biggest controversy of the summer, this is all off the top.